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Bigger, better, faster, more...

Here are some enhancements from Creative Micro Designs.
Yes, here could to be also other new solutions, but they're in other categories, so

RAM, REU........CPU..........DOS, CPU...

SuperCPU 128
(SuperCPU V2)

SuperCPU is perfect solution to get more speed for CPU 20MHz and also is possible to expand RAM up to 16MB. Version 2 is designed especially for Commodore 128. For using SuperCPU in C128 mode (not supported by CP/M - there is active other processor Zilog Z80) is needed to do some simple modifications on MB of C128 (as is shown below). SuperCPU uses CPU 65816. Fastest combination is 'think combined with RAMLink...


JiffyDOS is alternative DOS for all drives and Commodore computer models which speeds up disk access ~ 10-12x faster. Installation is easy if are original ROMs socketed, if not so on the scene is going soldering. But all the work has big satisfaction. JiffyDOS speeds up drives as is shown in pictures below. The important thing is that JiffyDOS must be installed on computer also, not only in diskdrive.
In present is possible to
order JiffyDOS by Jim Brain, here's link:

Download section you can find JiffyDOS user's manual and Installation guides for C128, C1571, C1581.


Fastest HDD ever. RAMLink using with SuperCPU is best solution for speed up your Commodore 128. This device provides fastest access, partitions, subdirectories etc. It has RTC (real-time-clock). It needs PSU and has backup battery. You can look at YouTube video how fast combination RAMLink & SuperCPU128 works, here's link:

REU and SwiftLink cartridges

REU 1750XL cartridge is RAM expansion unit similar Commodore REU 1750, but what's better?
. REU1750 expands RAM up to 640kB (REU has size 512kB), but REU1750XL expands RAM up to 2176kB (REU has size 2MB!!!!). About was written in REU section.

SwiftLink interface is RS-232 compatible adapter to transfer files etc.

CMD Turbo 232

Fast modem interface from CMD!


Three button mouse including RTC! Perfect replacement of mouse 1351 from Commodore....
Trackball - perfect input device, also included RTC!

Yes, more solutions from CMD were designed and more other solutions can be here. But for now that's all in this section.

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