Commodore 128 Tips & Tricks

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Here are available adapters to connect to web:

Connecting to Internet is longer time ago available also for Commodore 128.

You can select between lot of adapters (shown above)

Problem is with
available programs. Most of them is only for Commodore 64, but the DESKTOP OS Contiki is now available also for Commodore 128, here's link to download where you can choose your configuration:

To use other (C64)
webbrowser, you can use Singular Browser, here's link:

To get help
how to configure TCP/IP look at this webpage:

Very useful is program
WarpCopy to transfer files, you can download it here:

Also look on webpage about
using ethernet on (not only) Commodore 64:

Want you use your
VICE128 emulator with ethernet?
Here you can find solution:

download section is archive with some programs to working with ethernet.

... and look below like interface has twitter client
Breadbox64 and webbrowser of OS Contiki...

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